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For Equine Vets Everywhere

Vote for who represents you

Council elections are open from 5 August 2020 until 2 September. 2020, closing at 12 noon and we'd encourage you to cast your vote. 

BEVA Council members lead the Association, they influence the direction we take, and work on projects that aim to advance the equine veterinary profession whilst improving the health and welfare of our horses. It is important to have a say in the elections as BEVA council members will represent you and work on a variety of projects that can improve your working life as an equine vet. So this is your chance to have a say on who represents you,

To make your vote you will need to follow the instructions sent to you via email. All eligible members will receive a unique email inviting them to vote, please be aware this is the only way you can vote. Find out more about the voting process.

Your candidates

There are four vacancies on BEVA Council this year. The following members are standing for election hoping to get your vote.

Adele Williams

What matters to Adele?

  • Supporting working parents in practice
  • Preventative health strategies
  • Remote consultations

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What matters to Gemma?

  • Retention of equine vets
  • Support for returners
  • Working conditions

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Kate Loomes

What matters to Kate?

  • New graduate support
  • Risk factors in equine population
  • Equine patient safety

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Sarah Smith

What matters to Sarah?

  • Well-being/retention of equine vets
  • Equine Infectious Diseases
  • Antimicrobial use

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Bradley Hill

What matters to Bradley?

  • Inclusion and diversity in equine practice
  • Supporting new graduates
  • Equine behaviour

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Hattie Bell

What matters to Hattie?

  • Longevity of the equine industry
  • Career development for equine vets
  • Inclusion and diversity

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Laura Sharpe

What matters to Laura?

  • Retention of equine vets
  • CPD for equine vets
  • Equestrian sports

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Victoria South

What matters to Victoria?

  • Transfer of evidence to practice
  • Responsible antimicrobial use
  • The welfare of the equine vet

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Bruce bladon

What matters to Bruce?

  • Control of medicines regulation
  • Standards of Clinical Practice
  • CPD for equine vets

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Joseph Sharps

What matters to Joseph?

  • Quality of clinical care
  • Career progression
  • Personal well-being

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Nicole du Toit

What matters to Nicole?

  • Equine dentistry
  • Encouraging specialism in practice
  • Promotion of vets

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Cajsa Isgren

What matters to Cajsa?

  • New graduate support
  • Clinical practice standards
  • Antimicrobial stewardship

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Kate Blakeman

What matters to Kate?

  • Medicine availability and legislation
  • Recruitment and retention of vets
  • UK breeding industry

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Safia Barakzai

What matters to Safia?

  • Support for independent practices
  • Recruitment and retention of equine vets
  • Clinical research

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Junior Vice President Candidates

As part of the elections each year we recruit a new Junior Vice President who will sit on BEVA's Board of Management for four years, with their presidential year being their third year. This year David Rendle is the only candidate for the role of Junior Vice President, which means voting is not required, he will be approved at the AGM on Thursday 10 September 2020.

David Rendle 

What matters to David?

  • Health of equine practices and the profession
  • Medicines use and mis-use
  • Equine welfare in the developing world

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The voting process

Only registered veterinary surgeons who are members of BEVA can vote in the BEVA elections. This means, unfortunately, nurse and student members are not eligible to place a vote. 

All eligible members will receive an email inviting them to vote. The email will direct you to our voting website where you will be invited to confirm your order of preference for the candidates, please note there are four vacancies on BEVA Council this year. The voting opens on Wednesday 5 August 2020 and closes on Wednesday 2 September 2020 at 12 noon. Elected council members will be announced at the BEVA AGM. 

If you have any questions about our council elections please contact us.