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Join Council

and influence the direction of the association

Joining council will allow you to get more involved in the association and influence the direction of the association. On this page you will find out more about what it is like to be on BEVA council and how to join.

BEVA Council members Share their experience of being on council

I wasn't sure what to expect when I first joined council, but it has definitely exceeded any expectations I did have. Anyone thinking of standing I would definitely tell them to give it a whirl.

My highlights of being on council so far include the annual review meeting in December 2017, which was very informative as well as being able to get involved with areas of the profression that are new to me; ethics and welfare in particular, but that probably makes me sound like a bad person!

I'm really looking forward to Congress this year and being able to contribute to BEVA over the coming years.

Ollie Crowe

Being on BEVA Council has given me the opportunity to become the BEVA representative at the DEFRA/AHT/BEVA disease surveillance group meetings, it is a topic I find fascinating and it's really enjoyable to be involved in this area and to see first hand the discussions that are happening. 

One of the reasons I stood for Council was to try to ensure younger members of the profession were represented. If you want to join then just go for it! Everyone is very friendly and welcoming and it's a great experience.

Sarah Smith

In the first nine months on Council I've been surprised at the breadth of council involvement within the equine industry as a whole and the diversity of ways open to BEVA Council to engage in areas they feel strongly about. 

The degree of time commitment is not too onerous but it is subject to how much each individual wants to take on. I'm looking forward to the upcoming development and changes to BEVA's CPD programme which will hopefully satisfy the needs across our membership and continue to further BEVA's objectives to promote education, training and exchange of ideas amongst the veterinary profession and champion high standards in equine health, welfare and scientific excellence. 

Fran James

How to join

If you are interested in joining BEVA BoM or Council why not call the office and find out more details. Council elections take place once a year between May and August and this year the nomination process will open on Wednesday 15th May. The election is online and you can access the nomination site here. The nomination process will close on 15th July.

All nominees should be Ordinary or Concessionary members and must be proposed and seconded by two BEVA members.

Online voting will open on Thursday 1st August and close on Friday 30th August. New council members are confirmed and approved at BEVA AGM in September. For any further details or information on council or the election please contact Fiona.