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For Equine Vets Everywhere

BEVA Student Reps

We have a BEVA rep at each Vet School who is responsible for keeping everyone at the university up-to-date with all things BEVA. They help us organise the annual BEVA Vet School Tour, and can provide you with more information about BEVA membership and how BEVA can help you during your studies. 

Meet your rep

Royal Veterinary College

Lydia Hoover

University of Bristol

Kate Dakin

University of Cambridge

Lauren Willis

University College Dublin

Oonagh Hynes

University of Edinburgh

Abby Richardson

University of Ghent

Iris van der Neut

University of Glasgow

Rebecca Palmer

University of Liverpool

Gurpawan Khalsa

University of Nottingham

Archie Moffat

University of Surrey

Abbie Cook

Utrecht University

Elvie Karman

Can't find your university? 

Get in touch with us about setting up a BEVA rep for your university.