An excellent start to 2019 with the first two UK projects now successfully completed. 23 BEVA members volunteered their expertise and time to support the two education and welfare clinics in March. The first clinic of the year was held near Durham with BEVA Council member Phil Cramp as lead veterinary surgeon. 11 vets and 2 vet nurses volunteered and 42 horses attended with 17 of those castrated. 

At the second clinic in Cardiff, council member Ollie Crowe led the team in what was sometimes a vertically challenging but rewarding day. A total of 76 horses attended the clinic with 17 of those castrated. 

The BEVA Trust and BHS joint initiative is in its fourth year and a total of 1134 horses have now attended the clinics around the country with 517 castrations. Coordinated by the British Horse Society with support from a number of other equine welfare charities, the clinics provide castrations, dental care, farriery, worming, microchipping and passporting for horses identified to be in need,  The project aim is to open lines of communication with owners whose horses are deemed “at risk”.

A huge thank you all the BEVA Trust volunteers who gave up their time to support the day

Durham Clinic, 13th March 
Phil Cramp LVS  (Hambledon Equine)
Evie Mountain (Hambledon Equine)
Sarah Hunter (Station House Vets)
Max Long (Alnorthumbria)
Sarah Holmes EVN (Alnorhtumbria)
Sara Fleck (Bishopton)
Josh Alcock (Paton and Lee)  
Jenny Macalpine (Towester Equine)
Rebecca Price (Towester Equine)
Emma Saric (Minster Vets)
Katie King (Aireworth Vets)

Cardiff Clinic, 20th March
Ollie Crowe LVS (B&W Equine)
Laura Grey (B&W Equine)
Becky Needham EVN (B&W Equine)
Alex Thiemann (Donkey Sanctuary)
Elena Barrio (Donkey Sanctuary)
Marlies Verkade (Oakhill Vets)
Anthi Kolovou (Summerleaze Vets)
Hetty Hill (Waterlane Equine)
Violaine Dauvergne (Waterlane Equine)